eTP Technology

The Traditional Design & Development Issues

The classic processes needs big budgets, lots of documentations, and lengthy software development life cycles. You as an end customer commit all the risk up front with lengthy software development lifecycles. An entire year later you are ready to launch and is the first time real users see the product. What looked like a great idea on paper is more complex, convoluted and requires significant training on how to use.

Answer the critical question...will it actually work?

  • Cut out the complex functionality that no one uses
  • Save half the development cost
  • Double your speed to market

Methodology - Smarter Faster Products

We build the critical core functionality as a first version. Test with end users and prove the application works. Build the other functionality in quick development cycles releasing functionality in stages.

  • Reduce risk as users are testing every step of the journey
  • Using it as it grows they are able to tell us what features work and those that dont
  • Greater efficiency mean we do not waste countless hours on functionality that users do not need.
  • You end up with a more intuitive product for users to use as it was built by them for them.
  • Reduce endless training with simple handover documents.

What is eTouchPoint (eTP)?

eTP is a .Net based framework that allows rapid application development to create web based front office portals. It can map any business entity relationship and workflow to reflect the unique structure of individual businesses, and is highly extensible and can be integrated with back end systems. eTP solutions create a 360 degree view of customers (past, present, future view) for our clients which incorporates multi-channel communications and provides the customer information they need, in one place, when they need it.

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